Their name says it all. As Inspection companies go, there are none better than Dorr’s own PCI. Having worked with the folks at PCI for years at Wayland Township first on the planning commission and as of late as Supervisor, their professional and dedicated staff are priceless. They make my job a lot easier with their knowledge of the law and codes in Michigan. Long before founder Kirk Sr. was recognized by the State as Top Inspector of the state we knew he was the best. He has surrounded himself with other professionals to create the best code inspection company in Michigan.

Roger VanVolkinburg Wayland Township Supervisor

I want to recognize the positive and cooperative attitude that I have noticed with your staff of inspectors as they have interacted with me and my subcontractors. The project we are on is difficult, spread out, and not easily scheduled, but we have been very pleased with the courteous and supportive dealings we have had with your staff. We often deal with another agency which has nearly Always Gone Sour, but we appreciate the way we have been treated.

Jim Van Horn