Professional Code Inspections of Michigan, Inc., (PCI) specializes in providing construction code enforcement and zoning administration services.

Our services range from the enforcement of a single code to full departmental administration overseeing all construction codes, planning/zoning and community improvement programs. All of our programs are developed with three core values in mind: the unique needs of the community, improved service levels, and cost effectiveness.

When you work with PCI, we are able assume responsibility for all the operations involved with the administration of the building and zoning department while relieving you of the worry associated with staffing, information systems, records management, office space, vehicles, insurance, and more.

We offer:

  • Building Official Services
  • Plan Review Services
  • Building Inspection Services
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing (EMP) Inspection Services
  • Land use planning and zoning administration services
  • Rental Inspection Services